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Scott Holloway

Scott is founder of the "New" Dyer Harp Guitars and  one of the Luthiers as well as Marketing director for the brand. Scott attended a life changing Michael Hedges Concert in the late 80's where Michael played his Dyer Style 4 and after the show he let Scott play it. This set Scott on a life quest to find his own Dyer to play but later found that they were very hard to come by and when you did they were either way out of his budget or not playable. Scott later decided to produce a quality, good priced Harp Guitar that he introduced in 2009-2010 by using a factory that produced Ibenez Guitars. He later took Luthier School with the Mark Gieger School of Luthiery and then set up a Custom Harp Guitar Shop in Pasadena CA. In 2014 He called on his Friend Jim Worland to Join him in a partnership with Dyer to really bring back the original Dyer's and expanded the shop into South Pasadena.

Jim has built more varieties of Harp Guitars than likely anyone.  His expertise in diverse building techniques is the work of a true master.   Notable Harp Guitar builds range from the  Joseph Elliot/John Doan Design,   Gibson U-Harp Guitar, William Eaton's Beautiful design and his own radical flying "V" electric harp guitar design and nearly everything inbetween until now where he is focusing his complete attention and effort on helping perfect our exact replicated Dyer Harp Guitars.  We are pleased that  Jim has joined the Dyer Harp Guitar family.  


Jim Worland - Master Luthier

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